Codice di condotta


The mission of the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) is: “To benefit animals and people around the world by harnessing the potential and commitment of veterinary students to promote the international demand for veterinary skills and knowledge. “


This code of conduct was created by the IVSA and its members. It aims to formulate the following behavioral criteria:

  • Create a comfortable, positive and safe space for participants from all cultural backgrounds.
  • Compatibility with the principles and values of the IVSA.
  • Obtain the best results for all events organized by IVSA and its subsidiaries (e.g. congresses, symposia and exchanges)

In short, every person is required and expected to take responsibility for their actions and to act respectfully, with dignity, taking others into consideration.

General rules of conduct

  • Be aware and respectful of other cultures.
    • Every culture and every individual has different values, personalities and opinions. Hence the importance of being open minded and acting in a way that is positive for all. For example, any activity involving nudity or acts of cruelty during an IVSA event is prohibited.
  • Take care of yourself and others.
    • This includes your own well-being – getting enough sleep, eating and drinking and making sure others do the same is important. Also try to keep an eye on your own and other people’s belongings.
  • Attend General Assembly (GA) and support others.
    • Creating a positive environment during GA is as important as being actively involved in making informed decisions and making sure the GA ends on time.
  • Be on time for events
  • Follow the instructions of the organizing committee (OC) and of the IVSA managers.
  • Be respectful towards other delegates.
  • Do not disturb during the event.
  • Do not commit actions that could damage the reputation of the IVSA, the organizers and other veterinary students.>
  • Do not commit actions that could damage the facility where the event is held and possibly resolve the damage yourself.
  • Do not post online videos, images or phrases that could damage the image of the IVSA, its members or associated organizations. In addition, in the event that the file is published it is necessary to have the consent of all the parties involved.
  • Smoking and drinking are prohibited at formal IVSA events. There will be designated smoking areas for use during breaks.
  • Alcohol consumption during scheduled events should be moderate so as not to disturb other event attendees.
    • See the point on participation.
  • Comply with local laws on illicit drugs.
  • Sexual harassment is not tolerated and will be punished with expulsion from the event.

Local laws

  • Each participant must comply and abide by all applicable national, federal, state and local laws. Any illegal activity will be reported to the competent authorities and subject to applicable judicial action.
  • The following actions or behaviors are prohibited in all IVSA events and could lead to removal from the event and alerting the local government:
    • Use of illicit substances
    • Theft or property damage
    • Drinking below the legal age (defined by local legislation)
    • Violence or threats of violence, intimidation or harassment of any party
    • Discrimination against other people, sexual harassment, racist slurs or insults related to gender identity and sexual orientation
    • Consuming alcohol in places where it is not possible
    • Smoking in formal or informal conference rooms (as well as during all social programs)


  • If you see or realize that any of these rules have not been followed, please speak to the organizing committee
  • If you have any questions or would like to raise any concerns, you can email

Violations of the Code

The consequences of violating the code of conduct can include:

  • An official recall from the organizing committee or executive committee
  • The expulsion from the event
  • The ban on participating in other IVSA events