As part of an international association, one of our main goals is to build bridges between students and future colleagues.
We offer two wonderful experiences: an individual exchange for a single student and a group exchange which is effectively a reciprocal exchange between two Local Chapters.

Individual exchanges

Do you want to live a direct experience like local students?
You will be hosted directly by them and you will be able to choose the activities that interest you most: it will be the Exchange Officers’ concern to agree on your activities in the best possible way for a fun but also educational journey.

Fill out this form with your interests and you will be contacted by your Exchange Officer!

Group exchanges

A unique experience in which you will have the opportunity to leave with other students from Bologna to go to another country.
The members of the other IVSA will host us and make us discover not only the beauties of their country but also their teaching.

Ready to go? You just have to take the ticket and leave, the host IVSA will take care of the rest.

In this difficult period, IVSA Bologna also favored Online Exchanges to cope with the difficulties of traveling and reaching students.
In the past we have had some magical experiences with IVSA Lublin and IVSA Morocco.

Are you interested in a particular destination? Do you want to join a Group Exchange with us?

Contact our Exchange Officer at to find out the goals and agree on your exchange program.
We will be happy to help you and give you all the information you need.